The stripping process involves soaking in a tank of warm caustic solution followed by a powerful jet wash.
• Caustic soda dissolves the paint / vanish that is then washed away exposing the wood or metal itself.
• Some flaking is expected with soaking, this is corrected with sanding in the following stages.
• Any glass left is done so at customers own risk, if worried please remove it before handing the items to us.
• Any door furniture is left on at customers own risk against loss or damage
• Wood filler silicon and glue may also dissolve in the dipping tank.
• Mild crack in the wood might expand and warp with dipping.
We then spray the doors/furniture with acetic acid / high percentage of vinegar that works with the caustic and neutralises it.
• Neutralising has to be done before the door is returned to customer.

• We can only strip solid wood or metal items. If item or part of the item is not solid wood, may be damaged during dipping.


For the more fragile or stubborn jobs we offer hand-strip.
• Water based products, acrylic and polyurethane cannot be removed with the standard caustic stripping process, we do however offer hand strip service, for more information please contact us.
• If an item is of high value, monetary or sentimental, we must be informed in writing (email) at point of booking as we may recommend hand strip or a different process.


Drying happens almost naturally in our specially constructed dehumidifying room.
• With good weather or room temperature and no special conditions, it takes just over a week for a door to dry. Wood has to be reasonably dry before it is ready for sanding. Our humid room will more then half this time. This service is included with the sanding service at no extra charge.

SANDING £30.00

Soaking combined with jet wash will remove approximately 90% of the paint/varnish. Once dry the remaining layers are loose and sanded by hand to a perfect smooth finish.
• This service is essential to bring the stripped doors to a brilliant finish. Flaking is sanded together with the remaining but loose paint/varnish to a smooth touch so be ready to apply the desired finish.
• In this stage wood filler can be applied if necessary.

WAX/OIL £20.00

To complement the wood and compete the whole restoration process as well as add protection, we will apply wax or oil finish.
• If no shade is specified clear shade is applied.
• If no wax or oil is specified, we will decide which finish is best suitable. Decision based on product, expertise, and experience. Sometimes we might use a mix of both.


•No matter the quantity or distance. Our collection and delivery charge is fixed to £25.00. That is £12.50 each way.
• Any door furniture needs to be removed prior to collection. Fitted locks that don’t stick out and hinges can stay on customer’s own risk.


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