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We are highly professional paint stripping company. With decades of experience we have a proven record to excel.

The Door Stripping Process

One of the door stripping processes involves removing the door and dipping it into a vat of chemicals, which dissolve the paint. They can either then be re-installed, or re-painted, depending on what the customer's requirements are. It the door has glass in it, we might have to remove it to prevent them being damaged. With the additional moisture the wood gains during the dipping process, the wood could expand, which could potentially break the glass, which we'd like to avoid at all costs. This applies to anything else with glass in it.

The type of wood you have can determine whether this process is suitable. MDF, plywood, and similar materials can't be dipped as they'll disintegrate when soaked. Stained wood is also impossible to strip, as the staining process dyes the colour of the wood itself and so can't be removed by dipping in the chemical mix. With stained wood, if you're planning on re-painting the wood, it may be worth sanding and then painting over it as if it was an untreated door.

We will remove the paint and restore to a perfect finish all of the below, but we do not stop there, if you have anything in mind not listed here, just ask.







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